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10 лет назад умерла королева-мать Елизавета

Сегодня газета Telegraph опубликовала подборку фотографий королевы-матери Елизаветы Боулз-Лайон к 10 летию ее смерти. 30 марта 2002 года она отошла в мир иной в возрасте 101 года вслед за своей любимой не очень счастливой младшей дочерью принцессой Маргарет.

это фото не из подборки. Оно из Дайли Майл.

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (born 4 August 1900) is seen here in around 1910

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon during her engagement, circa 1922, to Bertie, the future King George VI

26 April 1923

3 May 1923: The royal wedding group photograph, with the Duke of York and his bride in the centre. At the left are Lady Mary Cambridge, Lady Mary Thynne, the Hon. Diamond Hardinge, and the Hon. Elizabeth Elphinstone, in front. At the right are Lady May Cambridge, Lady Katherine Hamilton, Miss Betty Cator and the Hon. Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, in front.

A portrait of the Duchess of York taken in 1923
Picture: E.O. HoppÈ/CORBIS


12 May 1937

24 May 1937: The official Coronation group picture of the Royal family, taken at Buckingham Palace by Hay Wrightson. Left to right are Princess Royal, the Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Gloucester, Queen Mary, King George, Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of Kent, the Duchess of Kent and Her Majesty Queen of Norway. In front are Princess Margaret Rose and Princess Elizabeth, heir to the throne.

1939 год.

8 Jun 1939: Queen Elizabeth and Eleanor Roosevelt taken part in a procession through Washington, DC

9 March 1944

19 August 1947: Princess Elizabeth, Lieutenant Phillip Mountbatten, her then fiance, her mother and her father, King George VI, pose for a photograph shortly before the Princess's wedding


20 April 1948 серебряный юбилей

17 December 1948

2 June 1953

4 June 1953

22 October 1954: A portrait by Dorothy Wilding shows the Queen Mother wearing a frock of deep oyster satin embroidered in gold and silver with crystal bead while on a visit to the United States and Canada

28 November 1958: The Queen Mother dances an eightsome-reel with students at London University's Senate House Ball

какая хорошая фотография с любимым внуком Чарльзом.

4 August 1960

14 November 1973

4 August 1975_75 летний юбилей!

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty Queen Mother Elizabeth, and Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret wear matching blue satin jackets for an official portrait by Norman Parkinson
Picture: Norman Parkinson/Sygma/Corbis
мне вот эта очень нравится.

9 November 1984

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, and His Royal Highness Prince Andrew surround their grandmother in this 1985 portrait by Norman Parkinson
Picture: Norman Parkinson/Sygma/Corbis
и вот эта...с внуками чудесная.

1987. Она Диану учила быть принцессой.

6 September 1997: The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II attend the funeral of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales in Westminster Abbey.
А вот тут я долго всматривалась. Мне все казалось что это не королева справа а Хелен Миррен в фильме..

4 August 2001

11 October 2001

очень достойная королева.
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